Saturday, December 29, 2007

Truck Photos

Now before you all go ewwww and leave me, this is not a post about trucks or our truck or any truck really. I'm not a truck-head or whatever the name is for people who go ga-ga over them and have posters of them up in their rooms.

Well they need something to cover all those bare padded walls I guess.

No, this is just a little post, a postette if you like, about things I spotted from my vantage point way up on the passenger seat of our truck as we went to Orlando last Wednesday. Dammit I mentioned 'our truck' so I guess I lied in that first sentence. Ah well, I've got you hooked now anyway.

(If you could see me, I'm twisting my long thin black moustache, raising my thick bushy eyebrows in a semi comical fashion and going........he he a slightly disturbing and decidedly unnatural way).

Back to last Wednesday and we'd not even left Sebring when I got my first unusual sighting - well unusual for me anyway. This trike contraption passed us on the left, as you can do here and a Very Good Thing it is too, and before I could say "ohhhhhh speed up and get me closer to it so I can take a really nice photo for my blog", it came to a set of traffic lights on green and swept off along a road to the left.

I snapped a photo of it anyway and you can see how it's still slightly banked from it's sharp turn to the left. Now I've seen plenty of trikes here before but this one is a bit different.

It's even more bizarre from behind as it looks just like a small European car that is either a convertible or has gone under a very low bridge and lost it's roof....and sides......and just about everything.

You'll probably have to click on it to see it properly and even then it's a bit fuzzy but we were flying along ourselves and it was heading off in another direction, so gimme a break !

The road it was going on is the one that leads to the hospital where Dennis works. I know that's not relevant to anything but I just thought I'd throw it in at this point.

My paparazzi reflexes were now in top gear and with my camera poised on my lap, I was ready for action. A light aircraft dangling from power lines, a body in a ditch, even some slightly interesting road kill - if it was out there, I'd snap a photo of it.

Sadly on US27N on Wednesday, there wasn't a lot 'out there'. My camera went into 'battery conservation mode' and shut down and I felt like doing the same.

I may have dozed a bit but was suddenly alert when a small commercial truck went past us on my right, which they can do here as well and this is also a Very Good Thing, and I noticed the advertising on it's side.

"Ah-ha", I said to myself. "What's up? I replied. "That's an amusing image for my blog" I said.
"You're right", I agreed. Then the pills kicked in and I lost my split personality.

I know this photo shows a very odd looking vehicle, and to be honest, it's confused me now as well.

I just can't remember what it looked like as I was fully absorbed with the writing on it's side. It seemed a normal van/truck at the time so this image is a puzzler.

Anyhooo, back to the advertising which, after all, is what it's all about. The first line seems like an instruction you'd get with a washing machine. God forbid you should give those little dirty buggers a wash without a pre-treat first. You'd have PETA on your doorstep in a flash.

Then there is that 2nd line. What's that all about ?. Bear baiting yes. Termite baiting, not so much fun. Maybe you tell them about the upcoming pre-treat and that's classed as baiting. Maybe you hurl insults at them.

"Your mother was a cockroach and your father was a stag beetle". Ha !

Sounds like another case for PETA to investigate if you ask me.

The last 2 lines were pretty dull and so I find little or nothing to say about them. Shame on them. I think they should've put them first and given us a good chortle to end with. Sort of send us on our way with a smile and a sudden urge to contact this witty and PETA bashing company for all our termite issues.

Except that nowhere on the vehicle was a phone number ! Opps. Witty and PETA bashing AND dumb as rocks.

Sadly I seem to have done something similar myself as my last photo is a bit of a let down. It's not even slightly interesting or amusing. I was tempted to end on a high with the 'termite baiting' one and give the impression that the route to Orlando was full of such fascinating images. An "Aligator Crossing" sign would've been nice. We did see a yellow warning sign with a silhouette of a bear on it. Not sure what that was all about unless a local zoo had a low wall as well and Yogi was on the loose.

If this news reference goes over your head, I'm not going to help you out. Oh ok, just replace bear with tiger, Orlando with San Francisco and take it from there. Probably not worth it.

We came to the Orlando outskirts and traffic picked up considerably. The Orlando 'rush hour' starts at 6am and goes on till.......about 6am the next morning. With so many tourist attractions in one relatively small area and so many tourists wanting to see them all, the roads are crazy busy. I'm not sure anyone actually gets in to an attraction - they just spend their day rushing from one to another without stopping.

"Ok kids, we're in the Disney car park (the size of Rhode Island I believe). Who fancies Seaworld now ?" "Yeahhhhhhh" from the back seats. It's all good clean fun.

I DID the theme park thing back in 1989 and no string of Clydesdale horses could drag me back to them. I had my first heart attack in 1992 and I'm sure the rot set in at The Magic Kingdom. The stress involved is enormous. Fun day out my ass.

I'll leave the details for another time (my shrink says it'll do me good to talk it out on here) but when I say that I've still got an unused one day pass available from the 4 I bought, you'll gather it wasn't a totally enjoyable experience. These places are full of kids for a start !

"What the deuce ?"

So really I snapped this gantry photo to remind myself that it wasn't all BAD back in 1989. I did love Epcot. The Animal Kingdom was still a Florida swamp and the Disney imagineers hadn't got to it yet. I suspect I might like it too but I doubt I'll ever put that to the test.

I've seen The Grand Canyon. Beat THAT, Disney !

And finally, as they say. I'm now talking to you, Norma of Nebraska - yes it's you I'm talking to through the power of electricity, cathode ray tubes and t'internet. I think we'd have cool things to talk about - what with you coming here to this area soon, but I've not worked out a safe way to exchange email addresses yet. I'm working on it but this is to let you know that.

And as for you, Sarah.....for you know that this is you...........PLEASE leave a comment now and then as I don't bite. I do make threats though and if you don't leave one soon, I DO know your email address and I WILL write.

That has to be enough of a threat to get you to overcome your fear of blog commenting and I'm sure that after you've done it once, you'll be commenting all over the place. You're a woman after all !!

Now YOUR blog would be a very interesting read so think about that too.

Bring it on, girl.


Daphne said...

Aaah, Epcot, I'd love to go there. But as for other theme parks, I prefer real places. I've been to the Grand Canyon too - - on an IMAX film in Bradford and even that was wonderful so I'd love to see the real thing.
Off to watch the traditional New Year Termite Baiting Contest now.

debby said...

The termite picture explained. The part of the truck you're seeing in the picture is the huge container on the back that holds the (PETA people please cover your eyes here) poison that kills the little buggers! Sorry....yes, pun intended.

HiRize said...

Ah ha! Happy New Year! (Oh my! An honor to be mentioned on your blog, Ian!) E-mail address is no problem. I'm on the forums (think about it) and you can find my web address there. Then it's a short hop to my contact page where you'll find an e-mail address for me. But here's fair warning...I've been told that that British people don't think I'm as funny as I think I am. But conversation is welcome.

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