Monday, December 17, 2007

They Seek Him Here....................

Critters get everywhere here in tropical Buttonwood Bay...................and I don't just mean the ones who use walkers !!

Little lizards are all over the place and it's especially hard to ride along the cart path and the nature trail without seeing them scampering for cover. They also live all around our homes and we see or hear them every time we go outside.

But inside is another matter and until this morning, I never thought that they liked coming inside at all. Maybe one stuck to the sole of my shoe or something but this morning when I got up, there was this little fella near my bedroom door.

We looked at each other for a while but he (or she) was in no mood to move.

I didn't really fancy the idea of him (or her) being near my bedroom and so the great chase began. He (or she)......ok from now on this is going to be a HE critter as I'm rapidly losing the white lettering on my ( ) keys.......could sure move.

When I went in to grab his tail, he shot off with a 0-60 speed that would've impressed Jeremy Clarkson. Well remember I'd already been bitten by the savage Pixie so wasn't taking any chances that lizards of this variety had teeth. It was his tail or nothing.

We did our dance along the corridor as, although he moved with blistering speed, he didn't go far each time. Either the effort took it out of him or he was just playing with me.

He suddenly shot between my legs and headed for the bedroom door.....oh nooooooooo. Without so much as a 'may I enter', he shot in and under my bed and there he has remained ever since. I think.

With storage at a premium here, we've had to put a lot of stuff under our beds and so I've no idea if lizardboy is still there or not. They eat smaller critters so he can stay as long as he wants.

Oh speaking of smaller critters, I had one in my laptop screen the other day. No that's not a typing was IN my screen. I'm used to seeing tiny black things wandering across my screen - especially at night when it's the only light source in the living room. So as usual I pressed my finger to the screen to squish it in a humane way (!!) and it suddenly appeared on the other side of my finger - squish free !

In my confusion and disbelief I tried you do. And again. As if I was someone trying to squish nature's first totally flat critter. Then the little bugger stopped in mid screen as if it was wondering why it's world kept going dark and then light.

It's the big finger of death, you little bastard. Why won't you DIE !!!!!

He then strolled off into a corner of the screen and I've never seen him since. He'll be snuggled down on some valves or transistors or cathode ray thingies inside my laptop by now. I just hope he doesn't find a mate as my laptop's inner electronics can probably stand one little invader but not a whole family of them.

I shouldn't be surprised as we've found ants inside unused and still sealed plastic bags of biscuits and other food stuffs. It's incredible to think the places they can get into so why would a laptop screen be any different.

I plan on coaxing the lizard out from under my bed and have him guard my laptop. I'm all for messing with the food chain.

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Daphne said...

There used to be a whole family of tiny camera mites that lived in my Olympus OM10. They used to give me a big shock when I was trying to take a picture of a mountain and this huge six-legged monster crawled across the lens. I'd hang on to the lizard if I were you. Anyway, I think he's cute.

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