Saturday, December 22, 2007

Baby Pics, Baby Pics

Everybody loves 'em. Baby pics.

Here are two of baby Cole - who I mentioned in my previous post.

One point of general interest. When the details were being passed around, I noted that the babies' height (or more to the point, his length) were mentioned along with his weight.

Now I'm no expert on UK protocol in these matters, but in my limited experience of these things, I've never heard us mention, or even know about, the height/length of a new born baby. Oh I'm sure the parents would know of course but when asking for the details of a birth, we seem to settle for the bare minimum in the and weight are good enough for us. Other titbits like hair colour, number of teeth, any tatoos, glasses, beard.........they can wait till later.

Just another example of the differences between our cultures I'd say. Vive la difference, as Pamela said after her surgery.

Anyway, here is the little cutie, all 5lbs 5oz and 17 ins of him, taken 70 minutes after his birth. Note the electronic tag in case he makes a break for the car park for a crafty smoke.

And here are the proud parents with him - only 30 minutes after birth. He's sure cleaned up nicely........

They are due to leave the hospital late tomorrow if everything goes to plan - so fingers crossed for that.

I hope they have a peaceful first night together as a new young family - but something tells me Cole will have a say in that. Several times I should think.


HiRize said...

How exciting for everyone! Congratulations to the new parents and grandparents! And how nice of you to share.

Daphne said...

Aaaaaah! Lovely pictures - his parents look very happy and remarkably sane - I look completely bonkers in the photos taken after Emily was born (say nothing, now).
He may be a small baby but, if the size of his hands works like paws with puppies, he's going to be a 6'4" adult one day.

Silverback said...

I'll say thank you on their behalf.

Hirize, it's about time you got down here - what's the hold up ?

Nebraska in winter v Florida in winter ? Difficult one.

So come on down, the water's WARM.


HiRize said...

Thanks for the invite, Ian. Would absolutely LOVE to be there right now. (Snow on the ground, etc.) House has sold twice and we got it back that many times. Looking for a new buyer. Soon, I hope. norma

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