Monday, August 06, 2007

How To Increase Your Visitor Count - Maybe

I'm sure I've not discovered the blog equivalent of penicillin here or anything but over the last week or so it hit me how to greatly increase the number of visitors a blog gets.

Simply make references to upcoming events of any kind, or places of interest around the world or.......well just about anything at all that people search for on Google.

In the small resort town of Houghton Lake, there is an annual event (every year in fact !) called the Bud Bash..........that's the Bud Bash folks...........where a local watering hole (which happens to be located right on the shores of an even bigger watering hole) hosts a sort of drunken weekend and many thousands of young people flock there to, well drink and basically have a fun time doing so.

Not my cup of Earl Gray of course but it takes all sorts.

Anyway, last year I was staying in Houghton Lake when this visually amazing event took place and I wrote a few words about it in this blog. This meant that in the week or so leading up to Bud Bash 2007, I got loads of hits as people went googling for articles about it. I made it onto page one of the search results and as we all know, few people bother to go beyond page one so I got numerous hits. Yes I know that few stayed long enough to actually READ my posts, but in the sad world of counting blog visitors, numbers are king.

So this got me thinking, a blog worthy event on it's own.

If I got all those hits just by mentioning something like Bud Bash, how many hits would I get if I mentioned an upcoming world-renowned sporting event or even better, a few tourist locations that everyone would want to visit ?

So here goes.

The Great Wall Of China
Tiger Woods
San Francisco
Machu Picchu
The World Series
New York
Leeds City Market (heyyyy, it's MY list)
PGA Championship
Lewis Hamilton
The Bourne Ultimatum
Fake Steve Job
Madeleine McCann (sorry but this IS a test)
Foot And Mouth
Premiership Fixtures
George W Bush
Manchester United (really desperate now)
2007 (if all else fails)

Ok the list could be endless and my brain hurts now. It's not used to having to work BC (before cereal). I'm sure search engines will be clever enough to not display this blog just because someone adds 2007 to their search request but you never know. I'll just see what sort of global t'internet chaos ensues and keep you informed.

Oh ok then, just one more.............. Richard Branson

If this cunning plan works, I suspect Virgin Media could be broken by lunchtime.


Gary James said...


I camke across your blog whilst searching for a recipe for boiled foot and mouth, which I last tried in Bangkok with my mate Tiger Woods. I thought I might pick up some cheap cuts of foot and mouth meat in Leeds market.

But I ended up here. It's all very confusing...

Silverback said...

Gary, you've proved a theory I've held for a while....that watching Countdown, Richard & Judy & Deal Or No Deal can rot your brain.

Probably a good time then to get some of that boiled Foot & Mouth in you.

Daphne said...

How about "Government Sex Scandal"? "Naked Victoria Beckham"? (there are lots of very strange people about). Oh, yes, though it pains me greatly to say it: "Paris Hilton". Damn.

Silverback said...

Ewwwwww Naked Victoria Beckham !!!
I put that into a Google search and got a photo of a stick insect.

Chris James said...

Try "Ron Paul."

He is a uber-conservative/libertarian running for president.

Doesn't have a snowball's chance of winning, but he has a big internet following...

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