Thursday, August 16, 2007

That's One Small Step...........

Well not so much a step as several steps and then a kick.

In any case The Great Man, David Beckham, or as he's known on Rodeo Drive, Posh's Hubby, finally made a start for the LA Galaxy in front of probably the smallest crowd in his professional career.

He shot, he scored.

Around the rest of the world, he scored from a direct free kick but according to this US reporter, he scored from a penalty kick. Well it's a new fangled game after all. They'll get the hang of it eventually.......and she was blond.

Speaking of which, have a look at Posh going crazy when hubby scores. The goal I mean. She goes positively bonkers and has to be rushed to a nearby nail salon for emergency repairs. Clapping is just SO hard on one's varnish, dahhlings.

As for the ABC studio reporter, I fear she has a less than average grasp of football (soccer to her and her countrymen) when she describes Beckham's rash (and yellow carded) tackle as 'he gets wiped out' and then goes on to mention his 'bum ankle' when clearly it should be his 'fanny ankle' if I've got my English/American dictionary open at the right page.

Ah David, even a journey of 1,000 miles starts with one assist - whatever that is. We never did get to see the end result of this assist as the game highlights had lasted long enough and anyway, it had been 2 minutes since the last commercial break.

Bet they don't return to the studio when Michael Vick is heading for the End Zone with one of those odd shaped balls in his hands leaving a load of wannabe Imperial Stormtroopers (and a pack of fighting dogs) in his wake.

Now THAT'S a sport worth seeing.

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Daphne said...

I think soccer should be in black and white with earnest-looking men wearing long shorts and a man with flat Northern vowels doing the commentary. I can't get my head round soccer in the USA as a glitzy American sport. Though I can see Posh would fit in quite well with it.

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