Tuesday, January 03, 2012

The Four Seasons - Or 2012 So Far !

Blimey it's only January 3rd and it seems like 2012 has been here for ages. I'm sure it's all due to the weather. Again.

On Sunday we did a bit of Spring Cleaning around the house. Cupboards were emptied, contents rearranged and then all put back again. The tv and furniture in the lanai were moved around to make viewing more practical and the new but temporary dining room table was set up and used at supper for the first time.

Yesterdsy, Monday, I was out playing golf in my usual polo shirt and shorts. Wait. I do wash them now and then. I was just giving some idea of the weather/temps here. Gloriously warm and sunny as befits the start of a new year in mid Florida.

So it was bye bye to Spring and hello to Summer.

Here is a bit of a dull photo I took just after 1pm on the approach to the dreaded 17th at Harder Hall. I'd already taken 2 decent shots to get to this point and the idea was to then lay up in front of the (unseen in this view) water hazard guarding the green. That idea went out the window at about the same time as my ball plopped gracefully into the hazard ! Score = 8.

Oh well, we had fun.

Later on yesterday evening I was watching Christmas ads on telle and with the temps dropping faster than the stock market, I again became confused about what time of year it was. I felt a bit less confused when the Christmas ads were down to us watching an old NCIS show from early December ! DVR's will be the death of me.

But today, 24 hrs after sweating on that golf course, I'm on my chair, huddled beneath a snuggle blankie and watching the occasional brave park resident walking by wearing more layers of clothing than Lawrence Oates when he left his tent. People are driving their cars to get their mail from their postboxes ! Palm trees have icicles on their fronds. An anhinga opened its wings 4 hrs ago and still can't get them closed ! This morning Debby sold 2 houses and an igloo.

It's cold, people. Cold. Stupid global warming.

Bye bye Summer and hello to Winter.

So I've "experienced" Spring, Summer and Winter this year already and if a palm tree could shed its fronds, then probably a bit of Fall too. It's no wonder the wildlife doesn't know what's going on. I'm sure I saw some Canadian geese going both ways yesterday !

Away from the weather, I've also been bravely suffering personal pain all year. I've got a hordeolum. Actually I've got two hordeolums. Or maybe one is a chalazia ! The hordeolum, or stye, was on the edge of the lower "eyelid" and the chalazia, or chalazia, is still on the inside of the same "eyelid". The one on the edge came and went within 24 hrs so I've been left with the nasty little hard chalazia on the inside which is really very painful indeed but as with man flu, I'm making light of it and suffering mostly in silence. I said mostly.

I'm sure they affected my golf game yesterday but probably not as much as my crap driving, crap chipping and oh yes, crap putting. It reminded me of the Q&A Luke Donald (I think) had on Twitter recently when someone asked him the easiest way to lower his usual score of around 100. Don't play the last 3 holes was his witty response.

I should've heeded that advice yesterday.

Finally back to the weather. The forecast is for a low of 27F/-2.7c at around 6am tomorrow morning before a gradual warm up to a much more seasonal 78F/26c by the weekend.

I may just stay in bed till then.

But before doing that, I'm off out the back to pluck a few oranges for a fresh drink.
By this time tomorrow, those remaining will be like cannon balls.


Daphne said...

I'm not sure that "hordeolum" is suitable for family reading. It sounds like something one might find in the more exotic parts of Amsterdam.
For once I think it's warmer in Leeds than in Florida! But ohhhh boy it's windy. It's raining too, though the rain is mostly horizontal.

Silverback said...

Well as I have photographic evidence of your knowledge of the more exotic parts of Amsterdam, Daphne, I'll accept your comment !

Jennyta said...

Poor you. Nothing worse than problems around the eye. As for the weather, well my dad suspects that the reason for all the strange weather around is that the Americans have been doing some sort of experiments and messing about with it. He could go into detail but I'm afraid I can't. But it could explain why there are buds on the bushes in the garden here and why the grass hasn't stopped growing for the winter yet. :)

rhymeswithplague said...

That's right, blame it on the Yanks. But get in trouble and who comes alongside to help? Of course, our last U.S. WWI vet died in 2011, so memory of that conflict is fading. But there's still WWII to remember....

Silverback said...

Oh Bob, Bob, Bob. I expect better from you.

rhymeswithplague said...

Why? And also, why would Jennyta's dad say the American have been doing some sort of experiments and not the Chinese or the Russians or the Iranians or the North Koreans or the French or the Norwegians? It does not follow as the night the day that if someone is messing with the weather it must be the Americans.

Silverback said...

Far be it for me to answer on her behalf, but I'm sure her dad's comment was meant to be tongue in cheek and even if not, come on, lighten up.
If we took everything we said about each other seriously, we'd never have our 'special' relationship ;-)

Jennyta said...

In reply to Bob, Dad watches a lot of online videos purporting to give a wider audience the lowdown on things going on 'below the radar', not just in USA but all around the world.
My comment was indeed 'tongue in cheek'. Methinks the gentleman doth protest too much, to misquote Shakespeare! ;)

rhymeswithplague said...

I apologize for my grumpiness yesterday in my earlier comments. Apparently my "hot button" got pushed and I responded in an over-the-top way.

I'm sure Jenny-ta's father is a very nice man. The tongue-in-cheek part didn't translate as well in print as it would have in person.

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