Thursday, September 15, 2011

Thank God I'm A Country Boy

Today was nice. A nice day. Weatherwise I mean. Very nice.

Not quite an Indian Summer day but not far off. A Pakistani Summer maybe ? Like an Indian......but not quite as hot !

So I rang Daphne and asked if she'd like to accompany me on a walk to Eccup Reservoir. I needed the exercise and she needed....well she just needed to accompany me.

The walk was part of my regulars (ha !) but to be able to go further at the other end which was way out in the countryside, I had the brill idea for us to drive through the estate and park at the start of the countryside bit, thus missing the dull estate bit altogether. If you follow. And are together.

So let it be written, so let it be done. And it was.

Q : Is all this nonsense just an excuse to put some text around some photos ?

A : It's a fair cop, guv.

Here is a panorama using the new camera's Easy Panorama mode which it is.....easy that is. Just click and pan and Bob's your cousin's better looking uncle, you get a panorama without any stitching and trying to cover up the joins. Go on, enlarge it and have a scan; you know you want to.

The path to the reservoir was looking as pretty as.....well a picture actually, so here is one :

Once we reached the reservoir, I had to take a photo of it. Ok a reservoir is a bit dull at the best of times and its photogenicness (works for me) can only be enhanced by its surroundings. In the case of Eccup Reservoir, the surroundings are pretty dull too so in a desperate bid to alleviate this overall dullness, here is a photo of Daphne. Who isn't dull at all. Not in the slightest.

Leaving all this dullness behind, we continued the walk and came upon a field with straw bales, or rolls, stacked up in long lines. I'd never seen this sort of arrangement before and found the sight very pleasing. So much so that I took 2 photos and as I don't know which I like best, you get both. I don't critique my photos very much but I do like the combination of colours and shapes in these ones although I suppose God and the farmer deserve the credit and not me. I don't mind sharing though.

This next photo just shows the path we took on the way back. We left the paved road that we'd taken on the way out and went on a public bridleway which, being gravel, was more uneven but much more native.

These last 3 are just general snaps but deserve an outing. The first one shows a ladybug or ladybird (but certainly not a ladyboy) that was tucking into its lunch. If you enlarge the photo, you'll see what it had for breakfast which leads me to guess it likes veggie food. Next up is a very berry shot with a field in the background. Again lots of contrasting colours all heightened by the clear blue sky. Always a winner in my book. Finally there is a photo of an intact dandelion. Nothing special about it except its name. It's called Bob. Bob The Dandelion. Bob. Bob.

I just like saying it. Bob.

And that was it. Our walk on the wild side. Or at least in the countryside. Certainly outside.

It may not be Burgundy or even Provence but it's on my doorstep and as such, I love it and it's a lot cheaper to get to.

And then there's Bob.


Daphne said...

My favourite photo of these is the one with the hawthorn berries and the stripey field - - essence of early autumn in the sunshine, lovely! What a really enjoyable walk it was - - very near home and yet it felt like a Grand Day Out. Thank you for inviting me!

rhymeswithplague said...

I feel I have been set up for some kind of pre-programmed response, but I don't have one at the ready. But I am thrilled, awed, chagrined, and flabbergasted all in one fell swoop to see my name seven times in one post.

What's that you say? It isn't about me?

Of course it is. How could it not be? And I want to thank the Academy, my agent, and all the little people who made it possible....

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