Thursday, June 02, 2011

You CAN Just Get The Staff

I'm not green fingered. I'm also lazy. But I do like to see a nice, colourful garden. So what to do ?

Well, find a friend like Daphne who is a kind soul with a good heart and even better fingers.....of the green variety. She loves gardening and who am I to stand (or sit) in her way.

Over the last few years she and her mom, Joan, who just happens to be 87 now, have transformed my front and back gardens into something quite beautiful. It's a work in progress I'm told as these things take time but now that the sun has finally hit the north of England, I thought I'd take a few photos to show the fruits of their labours.

Payment is a cup of tea and maybe a jaffa cake if they've done a particularly decent job. I think you'd agree they've done a lot of decent jobs.

I might just spring to a jaffa cake each.


Lisa said...

Lovely flowers. I think you should spring for 2 jaffas each for all of their hard work. :D

Anonymous said...

They look fabulous... *sniff* Very nice. I'm in the North East of England and I has been hot!

Jennyta said...

Wonderful. Are they up for a job in north Wales? Free leeks if they do a good job...

rhymeswithplague said...

Lovely flowers. Great photos. Super people. A trifecta.

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