Sunday, March 20, 2011

Moonshine In The American Deep South

Ok so the title may be a bit misleading as all I want to do is post a photo of the moon as seen just now in normally-sunny-but-now-quite-dark-Buttonwood Bay.

And here it is...............

If you want info about the OTHER moonshine, I'm not yer man.

That is all. Goodnight.


Daphne said...

Ahhhh lovely! And for once we had a clear night over in Blighty so could see the massive moon too. If only they still had moon missions! The moon was so near that we could have seen the men from Apollo 42, waving to us.

Milo said...

Liked the pic. I didn't get a chance to photo it myself which is annoying as my compact with superzoom *may* have done an OK job.

Silverback said...

I dread to think how much garbage would be up there by now if the missions had continued, Daphne. I think the crew of Apollo 43 would've had to include the descendants of Steptoe & Son.

Thanks Milo. Got several bites for my art though. Was a very still night and the bugs were out in force.

rhymeswithplague said...

Ah, the supermoon of March 19, 2011, full within one hour of perigee. Thanks, Ian!

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