Friday, March 04, 2011

Heartfelt Thanks

18 years ago today I had my bypass surgery and so to celebrate still being around, I've just been for a 90 minute bike ride around the park, stopping at the Cafe On The Lake for a cheeseburger deluxe and a Sprite Zero......gotta keep it healthy y'know ! With the meat patty and slice of cheese counting as part of MY 5-a-day, I reckon with the tomato and lettuce forming the deluxe bit, I'm ahead of things for the day already.

Speaking of that surgery, I'm not sure what guarantee came with my internal plumbing upgrade back then but I'm sure given the age of most other 'customers', I'm well ahead of the average. Some wit at the hospital (probably the surgeon) told me it came with a lifetime guarantee and although you can't disagree with that wording, I did have a slight glitch a few years ago when things got blocked up again resulting in another heart attack but dammed if I could find that warranty. Isn't that always the way ?

Of course after 18 years, most pipework gets a bit corroded again and with my well dodgy diet and lack of any exercise other than an overuse of my tv remote, I know I'm not helping my cause. You'd think after two such warnings, I'd be on my best behaviour but I just can't bring myself to spend hours in the gym and live on lentils and spinach.

So I walk and cycle when the mood takes me and try to only have red meat three a day. It's a compromise and means I'll probably only live to be 105 instead of 110 but that's less years to be soiling myself and dribbling at both ends so I don't see it as a big deal. Anyway, by the I'll be even more senile than now so I'll not even know what planet I'm on.

Don't get me wrong - I do worry about the future. I mean Leeds finishing outside the top 6 does keep me awake at nights but what's a fan to do ! Just worry.

And so every year on this date, I again thank the skilful hands and online degree of Dr. Nair and his team at the BUPA Hospital, Leeds for basically saving my life back in 1993. (Just joking about the online degree before anyone sues me). I also raise my glass of Guinness in a toast to them and use it to wash down my triple bacon sannie and fries.

God bless you all and as they say at the end of the Annual Ozark Mountain People Festival, no more clogging !

Cheers !!


Jennyta said...

Here's wishing you many more healthy years to come, Ian. :)

Daphne said...

I was going to say what Jennyta said! And hurrah for that excellent operation.

rhymeswithplague said...

...without which, he hastened to add, you ninnies out there in Blogland [that's us, folks] would never had had the benefit of my [his] literary panache, chutzpah, extreme humility, and downright fun persona!

Silverback said...

Well thank you all kindly for the ah...kind words ! Jenny and Daffy....yes I hope to be around a while longer too, as I guess we all do !

Bob, I think you need to work on your US/Eng expressions as ninnies means a person of low intelligence and as you know, no such person reads MY blog !

Jay at The Depp Effect said...

Oooh - I had a Dr Nair once, but I didn't like him because he stuffed a metal tube thingy down my throat and it was the single most unpleasant thing I've ever had done .. and then he wanted to do it again!!

Seriously, three cheers for YOUR Dr Nair and his lifesaving sewing and plumbing skills! As for the triple bacon sarnie (with extra grease) perhaps you should get a job as a doggy hydrotherapist? The chap who 'does' Sid had three heart attacks before retiring from the world of finance, and now spends his days in a warm pool helping dogs to swim and lifting anything from five pounds to 12 stone in and out of the water all day. He's lost three stone, three inches off his waist and come off all his medication! Pretty darned good, huh?

Shall I ask him if there's a vacancy? We need you to keep healthy you know!

Silverback said...

Judy, I'm afraid I downgraded my cardiothoracic surgeon by giving him the title of Dr. Of course I should have called him Mr. Nair.

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