Saturday, January 01, 2011

Lights, Camera, Action !

I know I said that Christmas was over but what better time to look back on it than on Jan 1st.

Well I need some sort of excuse for this photo post !

Last night, New Year's Eve, I felt like I had the park streets to myself as people were either dancing towards the New Year in the Rec Hall, mixing with friends and playing games in the Community Centre or just staying at home by themselves or with friends.

So before the Big Hour arrived, I left the CC and nipped home to switch cameras and then went out to take photos of some of the decorated houses here before their lights are taken down for another year. As I walked around, I noticed that even the year round street lights and palm tree lights made for colourful views and so I've included a few of those too.

Remember all my photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.........

By now I was at THE house in the park that, every Christmas, easily gets the most visitors. There are rumours it can be seen from space !

I think the owner just needs to add synchronised music to the set up next year and he'll go viral on YouTube.

Finally here are those 'other' views I mentioned......during the day, ordinary, but by night.....spectacular.

I'd never taken one of those long exposure shots showing car tail lights leaving streaks along a road and so before going back into the Community Centre to await the midnight hour, I set up the camera looking along the longest road in the park....and waited.....and waited !

Considering the time, it wasn't the brightest idea. Wherever they happened to be, no one was leaving and after 20 minutes I had to accept that the best I was going to get was a solo golf cart slowly heading home. Its tail lights weren't very bright but at least they registered !

It had been a different way to spend the hours before New Year but as it was a lovely warm evening, I enjoyed it. It helped me to forget the park resident who had again felt the need to impose his bagpipe playing on us and shortly after I returned to the CC, the champagne flowed and the mass hugging began. Some said it was due to it being midnight but, modestly, I knew better !

Ok now Christmas is REALLY over.


Daphne said...

All those lights are really pretty but - - er - - possibly predictably, I like the photos of the palm trees best - they're lovely atmospheric photos and really convey Christmas in a hot climate!
As for the bagpiper - - well I hate it when people think it's fine to inflict their taste in music on everyone else! Grrrr.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely beautiful Pix....I think BB has the best Christmas decorations.

ruth said...

I agree with Daphne.
The simplicity of the lit palm trees is really appealing although the two herald angels also have lovely a uncluttered look.

Sometimes less is more I think.

rhymeswithplague said...

My vote also goes to the lit palm trees. They say "Florida" much better than all the kitschy stuff. The latter is an example of when more is not always better.

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