Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Tarn Both Ways.

Last Sunday on the drive back to Leeds from The Lake District, we took a slight detour. We wanted to return to a favourite pub, The Black Bull at Coniston, an inn and hotel frequented by artists, poets and writers like Turner, Coleridge and De Quincy and more recently, the speed king Donald Campbell stayed there when attempting his water speed records on the nearby lake.

To get there, we stopped at another favourite spot, Tarn Hows, that despite its remote location, is one of the most popular and most photographed destinations in The Lake District.

On my last visit, I took this panoramic photo showing the lake, the trees surrounding it and the grassy areas facing them both that scream out for picnics and lazing in the sunshine admiring the stunning views.

This time I wanted to show the lake in its true setting, surrounded by trees but also by the majestic mountains that helped form the Lake District and make it the delightful area it has been for generations of visitors.

I knew there were such views at the top of the narrow road that leads up to the car park but not wanting to ask for the car to be stopped, I took one quick snap out the windscreen as we drove along and this was the result.......

It's no oil painting and Turner might not have been impressed but it does show how the tarn, or lake, nestles serenely in the bosom of the trees and mountains. It's not a view you can get once you get there so I am more than happy that this photo from the car has given me the memory that I wanted.

I hope you think the same.


Ruth said...

Hopefully second time lucky for posting a comment... you say it's no oil painting but it looks pretty close to me. Beautiful.

Daphne said...

Oh, it was such a beautiful view on such a lovely day - and what a great photo, especially since you took it so fast! Tarn Hows has been one of my favourite places in the Lakes for many years.

Debby said...

Gorgeous photos. I liked the one you snapped out the car window....yet another place we'll be visiting next summer!

Anonymous said...

Liking the nature photos. Is getting me ready for Canada :P

rhymeswithplague said...

I saw almost this same view yesterday, but it was here in north Georgia. Great photo, by the way!

Silverback said...

Ruth...I'm having problems with my comment now too. Anyway ty for making it and the kind words.

Daphne..yes it is a lovely spot and as for the photo, well Stephen HAD cleaned the windscreen !

Debby...it's a date.

Milo....I suspect you'll need plenty of camera cards for Canada. And warm weather gear too.

Bob, plenty of scenic spots in GA so get out there with your camera, my man.

Katherine said...

This is just lovely! I would like to be there now.

Katherine said...

OO, Debby is coming to visit!? How exciting!

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