Tuesday, April 06, 2010

The Vehicles Of Buttonwood Bay - Part 1.

With Easter still fresh in my mind and the bruises from thrown eggs still fresh on my face, I've decided not to put all my vehicle photo 'eggs' in one basket.

I'm referring to photos of all the weird, wacky and just straightforward unusual vehicles that I see around the park here and that I said I would blog about. To those who know my laziness with blog posting, it's got nothing to do with having great subject matter for several posts and therefore not putting them all in one big post. Perish the thought and shame on you for thinking it.

I like to think of it more as, say, not wanting to see all the world's famous paintings on just one art gallery wall. Too much to appreciate and take in at once !

So with that in mind, and only that in mind, this post features a couple of vehicles that, although only initially matched in colour, have one other thing in common. They can be found across from each other on the same street here within the park. Spooky but true.

First up is a 3 wheeler motorbike and as you can see from the second image below, it's up to the rider to wear his own airbag !

You can also see how totally comfortable I am on a big powerful motorbike. What ? I don't ?

Hey I used to be a biker. Kind off. In my yute I had a Honda 50 (cc) for many years and even moved up to a blazingly fast and powerful Honda 125 (cc). I remember going from Leicester to my old home in N. Ireland just a week after buying the Honda 50 and although it took me about 3 days (and I got quite damp crossing the Irish sea), I made it safely. Ok so I walked like John Wayne for several hours after dismounting but it was fun.

I've no experience of even sitting on a typical US touring bike and that's why I look a bit bemused on this one. And looking out over two wheels only added to that bemusement. And it was very yellow !

Anyway, that's vehicle numero uno and across from it, we find this smart, innocuous vehicle, looking like its bigger brother...

I've always liked Corvettes but for me they have to be blue or red or even white or black, not that you see many those last two colours. But certainly not banana yellow. Maybe the owner saw the bike across the road and thought, hey I'd like my car to be that colour too.

Just wrong, so very wrong.

Not that I'd turn it down if it was offered to me. Hell no. I'm comfortable enough in my masculinity to be seen getting out of a little yellow Corvette. In Miami or LA maybe. Not too sure about Leeds !

I can hear Nelson Muntz already.......but then he's yellow too so what does he know ?


Daphne said...

I'd like a go on that motorbike - - I think. I like the idea in theory but might be too scared in practice.
But if you happen to squeeze that cute yellow car into your suitcase on your return to Blighty, I'd be happy to take it off your hands.

Jennyta said...

Oh I'd go for the car, every time!

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