Friday, February 12, 2010

Still Half Full - Another Pixie Update

Quick Update : not sure yet if this is due to the injection and the pills, but she's much better now and we are cautiously optimistic that the 'green mile' scenario has been delayed for a while.

Yes she not quite herself and tends to bark from her bed rather than rush to the door, but when she is up and about, she's almost walking like she was before.

So thanks for all the good wishes and it's a classic case of so far, so good.

Oh and because of this Pixie situation, we scrapped plans to go to the State Fair so no pig racing photos just yet ! Sorry.


Jennyta said...

Delighted Pixie is better now. Worth missing the pig racing for, I think! ;)

jay said...

I'm sorry about the pig racing photos, I really am .. but Pixie must come first! ;)

Good to hear she's doing well.

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