Thursday, October 22, 2009

Windows 7 - A Whopper Download !

Yes I know I'm being very lazy today by posting first a video with no text and then this photo with only a bit of text.....but sometimes I just come across items on t'interclacker that are made for sharing.

And speaking of sharing, how about this (not so) little beauty ?

This Whopper (was ever a brand product ever so aptly named) is being sold in Japanese Burger Kings to coincide with the launch of Windows 7, the latest offering from those nice people at Microsoft, the ones we're not sure we love or hate. A bit like the Whopper in fact.

The first 30 customers to order one will be able to buy it for 777 yen (they don't miss a trick do they ?) which is about $8.50 or just over £5 in real money. After that they'll cost just over $17/£10 each.

Now this isn't a trick photo or a mock up advert. It's all kosher - well apart from the meat of course. There really are 7 patties in this monster and I love how the lettuce, tomato and onion are still up on top to give some semblance of it being a healthy meal. Sadly they are so far removed from the bottom part of the bun that they might as well be on a different plate....hell on a different customers plate !

But those cunning marketing people have thought this out. In the land of the Sumo, it's a match made in heaven - just as long as they're the first 30 customers of course.

I'd pay good money to see that line.


Milo said...

An almost ironic photo because I know (having lived there) that that Japanese are just about the slimmest nation in the developed world. They are sooooooo slim. Most Westerners there could never by clothes as wouldn't be able to get ones that fit.

Windows 7 is good. I had the beta version for a while on my netbook.

Milo said...

Ugh too many typos on last comment. Guess I should preview it first. I have had a crazily busy last 2 days at work.

Can you fix plz? Ta.

Daphne said...

Where's the melted cheese on top? Call that a burger? PAH!

rhymeswithplague said...

That Windows 7 Whopper would gag a maggot!

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