Monday, April 06, 2009

Home Sweet Home, By Gum.

I wanted to take Daphne and her mum, Joan, out for a slap up meal to thank them for all the work they have done and will (hopefully) continue to do in my garden.  It looks so good now that I plan on opening it to the public and charging admission.

Being that my wallet is as tight as a very tight thing can possibly be without being Scottish, I took them to The Wellington which is a local pub and eatery I may have mentioned a few times already in this blog.  At this fine establishment they have a carvery which runs all day and costs £3.50 Mon-Friday and considerably more at weekends.

We went last Thursday !

Apart from the amazing price, I like The Wellington because I like simple food of the meat and two veg variety - but without the veg.  Actually I like carrots and peas and as that's about it and The Wellington serves them both, you begin to see why I like going there.

As well as a choice of ham, turkey or beef on the carvery (or all 3 or any combination) and all you can eat vegetables, they also do the most awesome Yorkshire Puddings in the history of the whole world EVER.

I always get two.

Anyway as I really missed these little babies while in sunny Buttonwood Bay all winter, I just thought they deserved a post all to themselves.  And so without further ado and not even waiting for a drum roll, here they are to gladden the eye and rumble the stomach of any Brit expat in general and all Yorkshire expats in particular.

And no, that's not a photo of my plate.  Cheeky.


Debby said...

Slurrrrrrrrrrrp. I think perhaps I just shorted out my keyboard! We will definitely be going there when I get there.

Brit' Gal Sarah said...

Oh I do miss a good carvery in a pub and those Yorkshires look scrummy!

Daphne said...

I had two too! My mother didn't though - she's tiny with an appetite to match. So Silverback and I HAD to have two each, just to get our value (yes, I'm from Yorkshire you know). Anyway, thank you - it was a lovely meal. It's been fun working on the garden and we plan to continue!

Katie said...

I WILL go to the Wellington... one day, it has a place on my rather extensive 'must try soon' list.

Jennyta said...

Hope you like leeks when you come over to see us, Ian. :)

Jay said...

Clearly, if we are ever in your neck of the woods, Yellowswordfish and I will have to seek out this establishment of culinary excellence.

He simply loves a good Yorkshire pudding, and I love carveries, especially if there are all-you-can-eat veggies!

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