Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New Isn't Always Better !!

As you can see, I've taken the plunge and updated my template - in line with Jenny who was my inspiration to get with the times.

I checked out all the free templates and decided I liked this one best as it was vivid and looked very much like the BBC homepage I'd created for myself months ago using similar technology - movable elements and all that good stuff.

Jenny then left me a comment on here about my photos and how they had 'fuzzy' edges and she suggested she knew how to sort that out. I'd no idea what she was talking about - until just now when my friend Debby came on and said the same thing. She used her webcam and I was horrified at what I was seeing.

Then she took the webcam out of the bathroom and pointed it at her screen and I was almost as horrified !! Sorry Deb.

Anyway I was seeing my blog on her computer and the photos were nothing like I was seeing........and the reason had to be the different browsers we were using. She uses Internet Explorer, as does Jenny. As do a lot of my friends, like Clair, who is actually still on IE6. Come on Clair, update that thing !!

Anyway the new template and photos look great on Firefox, which I does Daphne. There, I'm giving you all a plug for free tonight. My photos are nice and bright and have a distinct thin orange border around them that makes them stand out against the black background. Lovely.

Then I powered up my IE7 and sure enough, my theory was correct. My photos are oval and dark and look, well, just nasty. Even my profile photo has suffered the same indignity. As Jennys blog looks the same on both Firefox and IE, she has obviously mastered this issue and so I'll be after her help asap tomorrow - well today now actually as it's almost 3am and I've had enough.

This blogging lark is hard work !


Jennyta said...

It'll cost ya, Ian!

Jay said...

Nobody should be using IE. Why are you all still using IE? Get Firefox! It's great!

I'm lucky because my live-in Techie Guy (aka Other Half) understands these issues, and sorts all that out for me. At least I hope he does. Anyone using IE that thinks otherwise, please feel free to drop in and berate me.

I'm gonna have to say it... please don't take it as a negative comment, but I feel I need to let you know (and Jennyta, too). I cannot read white on black blogs. I literally cannot read them. The white text persists in my vision so that after a while, all I can see is a fuzz of throbbing white lines. I realise this is a personal difficulty that I have, and (obviously) dont' expect anyone to do anything about it, but it may be that I'm not the only *ahem* older person with this problem. Anyway, as long as you don't shorten your RSS, I'll read it in my news feed and just pop on to comment! ;)

I will still read, because I do love your blog!

Debby said...

What I said was 'Do you like the way your pictures look?' I was being tactful as I thought the fuzzy edges took away from the supreme quality of your photography skills. I mean, like they say, 'If you've got it, flaunt it.' You've got it with the camera gift! Also, I will have you know my bathroom is spotless and there's nothing scary in there!!! Hrumph!

I do like your new layout. Of course I LOVE the picture of moi! How often do you hear me say that???

Silverback said...

Ok a bit of bartering 101, Jenny. If you want something for your service or product, don't give it out and THEN ask for payment !

Only joking of course. Bless your heart for the speedy help.

Sorry you're finding it hard to read the new blog posts Jay, but I picked the template as I like white on black. Of course I may alter things after a while but in the meantime, as long as you use an RSS feed, then thank you for sticking with me.

Debby using that photo of you and Cole was an obvious first choice for my photo of the week. I might be struggling after a few months and have to put one of me up there.
Be warned..........

jay said...

No worries, Silverback! I know a lot of people like white on black and it's trendy right now, too, I think. :)

Jennyta said...

Hey, you could always use that one I sent of me as a St Trinian's schoolgirl! (I'll charge you for it, of course.) :)

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