Sunday, October 28, 2007

Street Party

We had a street party here in jolly old Buttonwood Bay yesterday but due to the potential for rain, it was moved inside - so it became, well just a party. And then it didn't rain.

Don't you hate it when that happens ??

Actually, given the time of year, it was also a Halloween Party and even at our advanced years, Halloween is BIG over here.

So this is a classic post where the photos need little explanation and so I'm going to be lazy and not give any ! Well apart from saying it's obvious that ANY costume you had in your closet was allowed an airing last night - and some were unintentionally scary !!



Daphne said...

Just wanted to tell everyone that you're the one in the bottom photo - I can just recognise you in spite of the pink bunny outfit.

Silverback said...

Actually I'm the one 2nd know how the Americans are about us Brits and our teeth !!

No idea what the fuss is about. I brush weekly !!


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