Saturday, March 03, 2007

Lunar Eclipse

I've never really been one for getting excited about solar or lunar eclipses and the lunar eclipse tonight has been no exception.

Having said that, I decided to nip outside at about 21:15 tonight and take some photos of it as there were no clouds to speak off and who knows, I might never see one this clear again.

I took about 12 photos at different times over the next 45 minutes until there was little left of the moon to see. It did 'turn' a sort of orange/brown colour quite early on which the news articles had said it would - so that was cool.

I've only got a 200mm lens so sadly I didn't get images like we'll probably see from the professionals and so on tomorrow, but as always with my photos, I know I was there and they are digital memories I'll have forever. Or until my hard drive gets corrupted !!

I merged 3 photos together to show this sequence. Notice how the moon passed from it's normal colour to the orange/brown hue mentioned above.

I went out a few minutes ago (23:35) and there is no sign of the moon at all. This is because the earth's shadow is still covering it and this is called totality. I hope you're taking in all this good science stuff as I'll be asking questions later.

Totality is due to end shortly and I assume things will happen in reverse of what I watched earlier. I'll let it do it's thing without me as it's cold, I can imagine what it'll be like, Big Momma's House 2 is about to start and my hot chocolate is steaming next to me.

What can I tell ya ? At my age I like my comfort.

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