Thursday, August 31, 2006

A Request

My blog site collects basic information about anyone who visits even if only for a few seconds. I like to see that people find it and maybe spend a few moments reading my ramblings and looking at my photos (which can be enlarged by clicking on them, by the way).

But I'd love to have some sort of comments/feedback even if it's just a few words and even if it's uncomplimentary. I post for MY benefit as I have this 'need' to blabber away and I do like taking and sharing photos - so never worry that your comments will offend me. I'll just delete them

Anyway, I get repeat visitors (bless you all) and so know that a few people do return regularly to see what's new. I get a rough location (Waterford, Michigan for instance) but would love to have a name to go with the location........just a first name would be fine or even a nickname.

So PLEASE add comments - the more the merrier.


1 comment:

Rosanna said...

Ian I love reading your blog, you whit and humor are the best. Your posts always make me laugh as I can relate to most of the oddities that you point out.

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