Thursday, May 18, 2006

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall............

My friend, Ken, came round yesterday and helped me put up the mirror in my living room - well actually he put up the mirror and I fixed coffee for us both. That's about as much DIY as I can manage. A mans gotta know his limitations !! I'm still playing around with the bits and pieces as I really don't want clutter to have to move and dust and yet the room is a LIVING room and not some sort of sterile hospital waiting room. I've got a ton of items I've brought back from my various trips to the US (every state visited except Alaska) and it's tempting to plop a load of them on top of every surface.

No, no , no. But some have made their way out on display. On top of the tv are 6 little oriental budda type figurines which I got on a visit to Chinatown in San Francisco many moons ago. Each one represents some facet of life like health, finance, wisdom etc. They have a specific order

but I lost the box with the layout so sadly they are in whatever order they go back up after dusting !!

Hanging colourfully from the left side of the tv stand is the artificial lei I picked up in Hawaii. I decided it was far too exotic to be left in a drawer somewhere and heaven knows, with my memory, I need all the visual reminders I can get. There are a couple of soft animals over on the 3rd shelf of the bookcase (to show my softer side) and one is a moose from can I not have that on display ???

Apart from about 100 fridge magnets from every state in the union and more, that's about it for souvenirs - so I think I've downsized quite a bit really.


Jason Beymer said...

Flat screen TV...check.
Leather recliner...check.
Everything else is just gravy, right?

silverback said...

The small speakers on the coffee table are for the laptop. I'd have removed them for the photo but they are stuck on with blu-tac as they vibrate so much (when playing loud music) that they slide off the table !

Anonymous said...

some of your lovely photos framed would look really nice on the walls :) IMHO


silverback said...

Thanks Sherri
I've thought about doing that for a while now but it's a different matter to have your own photos up on the walls !!! They're not THAT good.

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