Friday, May 05, 2006

Gardening, Walking, Playoffs and Entertainment Stand

Totally missed a unique time yesterday morning and I wasn't even in bed !! Just after 1am, if you had a digital clock with just the right display, it would've read 010203040506. Nothing like that line up will happen again in my lifetime so I was pissed i missed it.

Did some gardening today - trimmed the hedge and cut the lawn. I do NOT like gardening. Was a stunning day weatherwise so went for a 4.25 mile walk. Awesome.

Leeds drew 1-1 at home to Preston in the first leg of the playoffs so not looking good. Second leg is on Monday with the overall winner going to the Millennium Stadium for the final. Guess we're in for another season in the Championship. Sighhhhh.

I finally downloaded the photos I took of the new entertainment centre setup. This one shows the left front speaker very close to the fire but it's now on the other side of it - some cable was stuck behind the unit. I just KNEW it should be able to move further !

Hope the image on the tv isn't copywrited. Anyway from left to right (top shelf) we have the tv, the modem, the router, the dvd player and the vcr.

Next shelf has the center speaker, the digital cable box and the dvd recorder under it.

Along the bottom, we have the surround sound amp and finally the 300 cd player. The sub woofer is hidden behind the unit which is great. Everything is wired so I can record a dvd or video to the dvd recorder and no matter what the source, it all comes through the surround sound system. Was quite a job to both find something big and sturdy enough to take all the units and to then do the wiring. It weighs a ton so anything behind there, stays behind there !!!

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jen said...

Nice setup!! I love your blog. :)

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