Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Duchess Of Cambridge Bikini Photos

Last Wednesday I drove Daphne to Hull for her work and as I knew she'd never been to Beverley Minster, we stopped there on the way home.

I've always loved Beverley Minster and the town of Beverley is pretty neat too.  It's very much like York but smaller and.....well....neater.  So is its Minster which I find more welcoming;  York Minster might be much more impressive in size, but that makes it very cold and impersonal in my opinion.

Unfortunately Beverley Minster was having renovations done inside and so parts were roped off from the general public.  The storage of construction bits and pieces had overflowed into other areas as well so all in all, the poor old Minster wasn't showing itself at its best for our visit.

Still, I think Daphne liked it and as usual, we both took our fair share of photos, despite a Minster man constantly watching us in the forlorn hope that we'd cough up some money for a photo permit.  He'd made the mistake of telling us that under the circumstance (the work going on), he'd waive the need to buy a permit as long as we only took a few photos.

I probably took about 50 as did Daphne so MAYBE we abused his generosity a bit !

We pretty much had the place to ourselves so it wasn't hard to get a shot of Daphne with no one else in the picture.  It wasn't a particularly sunny day but enough light was available to show off the stained glass windows and with so many of them, the coloured light hitting the stone columns added to the overall beauty of the Minster.

By the time we left, it was a bit too dark to take decent photos of the outside and actually it's not the easiest building to photograph, given its location right in the centre of the town. Everytime you try and back up to get it all in, you come up against a house or shop.

I did take one photo in town on our way back to the car as it was of an interesting butcher's shop. I particularly like "pigeon's breasts" for sale although as with the beef and venison on offer, I'm not sure why they decided to make the shop name so inaccurately specialised.

Fast forward to this Wednesday, today in fact, and the weather has taken a nose dive.  The snow came back but seemingly just for today.

This was how I saw it from my bedroom window.............

It continued to fall all day and as it was particularly 'wet' snow, it stuck to every surface, even my front door window.

Here are a few more shots of it but it wasn't a lot and should be mostly gone by tomorrow.

I'm glad it didn't come yesterday as we had some drama here with a burst water main around the corner at a busy road junction.  I first noticed it when I looked out to see what the weather was like as I wanted to go for a walk.  I saw water flowing down past my drive and yet the drive itself was bone dry !?!

I went out to investigate and went round the corner and there was quite a torrent of water pouring down the next road so I tried to follow the flow back to its source.  This was strangely difficult as in places, the water was actually flowing in several directions !

I finally tracked it to a couple of areas at the junction of two roads where water was bubbling up through the tarmac.  I came home and phoned the water company who said it would be treated as an emergency given my description.  About 15 minutes later 3 vans, a digger and several workmen turned up and went about trying to find just where the burst pipe was under the large area of tarmac.

In this day and age of sophisticated equipment that can locate a 500 year old king's body under a car park, I loved seeing one of these workers 'listening' for the flow of underground water using a 5ft long thin metal rod with what looked like a small eat trumpet at one end.

It seemed to work as they managed to locate the burst pipe and worked through the night to repair it.  I got a call from the water company this morning to let me know what was happening (as I'd reported it) and that the junction would be fully repaired with new tarmac by the end of Friday.

I was very impressed.

So there you have it - Beverley, snow and lots of water.  Nothing at all to tie these 3 topics together but they were all part of the rich tapestry of my life over the last week here in rarely sunny England.

It's no wonder I watch a lot of tv !!

P.S. What about those Kate photos I hear you ask ?  Sorry, I just need to get my readership numbers back up after my blogging break !  Hey it could've been worse.....I could've mentioned Susan Boyle in the title !!


Daphne Franks said...

I loved Beverley Minster - just beautiful. Beverley was lovely too - characterful and pretty. A Grand Day Out, indeed, and some great photos too - thank you.

rhymeswithplague said...

I looked in vain for those Duchess of Cambridge Bikini Photos. However, if you ever get a snapshot of Susan Boyle in a bikini, your fortune will be assured.

Once the snow clears, perhaps a weekend in Scotland is in your future?

Silverback said...

Yes, Bob, I do plan on driving up to, or near to, John O'Groats and then down to Land's End this Spring/Summer to take in the whole of GB. Keep watching.....

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