Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Anonymous Spammers Beware

Just a quick update :

I've been getting comments recently from 'anonymous' posters who clearly raid random blogs to add these comments because they bear no relation to the subject matter. They also end with a link to some other blog or web site which no one in their right mind should visit.

I'm not saying they are dangerous or viral sites or anything but it's just not acceptable to me.

So, after always having my comment section free from moderation, that will now cease and I will read all comments before possible publication.

Don't worry, Bob, I'll nearly always publish yours !

I've also taken out the ridiculous verification process as even I struggled to understand those 2 words before being able to comment on my own posts and it often took several attempts !

Finally, I don't mind any visitor taking the anonymous option when leaving a comment; I just don't want spammers.


Jennyta said...

These idiots surface everywhere from time to time. I agree about the notification system though. Sometimes it's totally illegible.

rhymeswithplague said...

Nearly always? NEARLY ALWAYS???

Helsie said...

Hate, hate, hate that word verification nonsense. It's often enough to turn me off commenting

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