Monday, June 25, 2012

The Big Day Has Arrived

Yes I can't put it off any longer......unless I was delivered late afternoon or evening on 25th June 1952, I have accept that I'm now 60.

Bloody hell, 60 ! Takes some getting used to I can tell you.

Yes, yes I can get a few things cheaper and even, in the case of prescriptions, free.

Scant consolation.

Friends over 60 remind me that they wish they were 60 and call me a spring chicken ! Friends under 60 fall into two categories : those close to 60 themselves are generally kind as they realise that soon they'll be my age too and payback is a bitch; those WELL under 60 are very very cruel and have clearly not been brought up to respect their elders.

So I believe I'm a senior now. No more fibbing to get a cheap meal or a deal at the movies then !

Mind you, it was always a bit depressing when I've done this over the years and no one challenged me ! I still remember getting a motel discount in the US when I was 49. I guess I'll never be the Cliff Richard of my generation. My face reflects the hard life I've led and decades of being the stand in for a pit pony have aged me before my time.

But as we all say as we reach the milestone ages (apart from 18 and 21....and probably 30......and ok 40 too), it's all about attitude. And my attitude to reaching 60 is.............

Holy crap I'm freakin' 60 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

No seriously I'm very fortunate. I need to count my blessings. My 80" 3D smart tv, my homes in LA and Monaco, my yacht berthed in Barbados........ No ?

Oh my REAL blessings ? Well I won't embarrass myself or my friends by giving the list here but not to boast, I have many. Including being retired of course.

Many people at 60 are still only thinking of retirement as a future dream and I've lived the dream for 11 years now. The idea is to keep on dreaming for many years yet. Actually my idea is to bankrupt the IBM Pension Plan on my own !

Anyway I have to go now. time to put on my eatin' pants as I'm going for a meal with friends. And then a movie tomorrow. Low key celebrations I know but then I'm not one for parties and large groups of people.

I am 60 after all.


Daphne said...

Will you start yawning at about 8pm and going to bed at half-past nine now? Nope, I don't think so. And I know perfectly well that when you see a scenic photo opportunity which requires you to stand on a small ledge with a 200-foot drop underneath you'll be straight out onto it! So you're not old, not nohow! (You might need those eatin' pants for this evening, though!)

rhymeswithplague said...

Congratulations on breathing for 21,915 days, give or take.

Here in the U S of A many places give 55-year-olds a senior discount. Sixty is just another number.

Between you and me, IBM should be bankrupt soon. I retired at 58.

Katherine said...

'Eatin' pants' (lovely expression!) plus the talk of being old made me see the aforementioned pants resembling something like large plastic bibs for dropped food or senile drool.

Katherine said...

Oh, congratulations, by the way! It's the new 40, apparently. It certainly will when I get there, I'll make sure of it!

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