Sunday, March 04, 2012

Three Men & A Baby.

Blimey, one post in nearly three weeks ! I'll be losing my Blogger Membership status at this rate.

So what's been going on here in sunny Buttonwood Bay ?

Well the main 'event' has been the 7 day visit of Deb & Den's eldest son, Brian and his family - wife Tara and kids Mason (4) and Emerson (baby). Youngest son, Joshua, joined this mini family gathering for 2 days from his home in Miami, a 3 hr drive away on the most boring road in the whole world including all the roads in N. Dakota ! Now that's boring !

So it's been....different. My experiences around 4 year olds and a baby could be counted on one finger although I have been around some adults here who have displayed the same characteristics !

Spewing 'stuff' from both ends and talking nonsense would be the two most common abilities.

Day 1 passed in a bit of a sleepy haze as the family had set off from their Michigan hotel at about 3am to catch the 6am flight to Tampa. Arriving in the park at 1pm or so, the rest of the day was spent trying to get a few words out of 2 VERY tired adults and 2 young 'uns who thought their world had changed completely. A few hours previously they'd been in a world of snow and critters with antlers and were now in a world of baking heat and critters with hard skin and very large mouths. Yes, park residents !

After a few hours sleep for them all, next day, and every day since, with temperatures reaching the 90's and the sun cracking the paving stones, the park's main swimming pool has been the favourite place to spend outdoor time. Here is the family group with, left to right, Tara, Dennis, Mason, Brian, Debby and Joshua.

Ok with introductions over, here are a few more pool shots..........

Now I know what you're thinking.......what on earth is going on in those last two pics ?

Well in the penultimate one, Joshua is showing us that Darren Brown/David Blane aren't the only people who can do a spot of levitation and who knows, he might be the only one to do it in a swimming pool ! Ha !

As for the last photo, well you're on your own there. It could be a recreation of a scene from "The Hunt For Red October" but most likely it's simply a fun thing to do with the broken off end of a swimming pool 'noodle.' I can report, however, that as a snorkling device, a noodle is as much use as toilet roll.

Works a little but you'd never want to explore the Great Barrier Reef with one.

Moving on, here are a few random generation type pics of cuteness........

And then some random shots of just cuteness.........

And here is Mason helping out with the adding to those needing to be washed ! It's early days.

I changed it to sepia as for one thing, there was very little colour in the photo to start with and for another, well I felt it added a bit of 'yesteryear' to the shot. A sort of "if Hovis did washing up liquid" kinda thing.

Lots of fresh air, hot weather and swimming can take it out of kids, and big kids too. But there is always nature's way of recharging batteries.

A good nap.

We'll miss the patter of tiny (and larger) feet when they all leave tomorrow but it's been great being able to accommodate them all here.

On Tuesday 2 more retired friends from Michigan will be coming for a visit.

Maybe we'll leave the toys out for them !


Daphne said...

Great photos and very hard to look at them without going "Awwwww." Not that I was trying!

rhymeswithplague said...

My favorite rhyme:

I've seen the lights of Paris,
I've seen the lights of Rome,
But the sweetest lights I ever did see
Were the lights of the grandkids going home.

rhymeswithplague said...

The little boy in those pictures looks very much like the actor Haley Joel Osment (from the movie Sixth Sense). He also reminds me a bit of my 12-year-old grandson when he was younger.

A woman in the voting line yesterday reminded me of Tonya Harding, the ice skater.

I think I must have an overactive imagination.

Anonymous said...

Hi from Dorset, UK,

May I ask how you chose to settle where you live now? I have just hit 50 and looking for a holiday home in Florida. I spent my 20's living in Australia, it's too far away to contemplate, but I loved the weather and lifestyle!

I get S.A.D in the dark days of the UK winter (or whenever I hear the return of Strictly Come Dancing, whichever comes first) and need an escape route.

Happy I stumbled across your blog!


Silverback said...

I've not settled here, Marina. I stay with US friends for the winter and they moved to Florida a few years ago from Michigan.
I understand about S.A.D. but I'm giving up the Floridian sunshine after this trip so I'll be giving winter in England a try for the first time in many years.
Sorry I couldn't be more helpful but thank you for visiting. Keep returning !

rhymeswithplague said...

You will be missed. We can feel the vibrations emanating out of Florida even now.

You might want to contact Masia Mum in London and stay at her place in Spain next fall.

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