Tuesday, February 07, 2012

And So To Recap.............

Today I got the same number of socks out of the washer/dryer as I put in.

Yep, it's been a good day !

Yesterday was good too. Very good. I played golf and got 5 pars. Yes 5 !!!!!!!!!!

That's about....ahhhh.....lemme see now, 5 more than usual. Well certainly 4 more. Maybe 3 on a good day. I even got a par on the evil Par 5 17th which has water guarding the green. And I went in the water - as usual. The ball that is. Not me. And I STILL got a par.

Woohoooo. I was on fire.

Sadly only one person saw me get that par. Actually even he didn't quite see it as for some bizarre reason, when both of us hit our 4th shots onto the green close to the hole (he'd gone in the water too), he wandered off to look for balls at the edge of the water and so wasn't watching as I holed my putt. When he eventually returned and dropped about 7 reclaimed balls onto the green, he 2 putted for a 6. Ha ! Clearly he was no longer in 'the zone'.

And the moral is : it doesn't take a lot of balls to hole a short putt.

The reason for only two of us playing the 17th was........rain.

Our normal foursome was half way down the 15th when we actually saw the approaching rain sweeping across in front of us like a Saharan sandstorm. Deciding to go the way of our tee shots, we headed off the fairway and found some trees - although it has to be said that palm trees don't give much cover from rain. Sod all in fact. But psychologically at least we felt better and after a few minutes, the shower passed and we played on.

The dark clouds quickly formed again and with them came more rain. This time Barrie and Jack decided to throw in the towel and zoomed off to the clubhouse and its bar. Blair and I used our towel to wipe off the cart seat and again, played on. Seconds later the rain eased off and then stopped as it often does in Florida.

Maybe it was because after the showers we pretty much had our part of the course to ourselves (and the bar was packed) and we were able to relax and take our time, but I played the last 4 holes in 3 over par...quite an achievement for me as there are two par 5's in there.

Of course when recounting my exploits to Jack and Barrie in the bar, they cast doubts on the accuracy of my scoring as they hadn't been there !! Me ? Cheat ? I blame the drink for such a scurrilous suggestion.

Finally, as if to again prove the 'ramblingness' of this blog, here is a photo I took on Sunday from my armchair. I often see tiny lizards scuttling across the concrete but this one was sitting sunning itself on top of a sprinkler block just a few feet away from the window. It would shake its body and then fan out the loose skin under its throat which I assume would normally be a procedure used either during mating or to warn off potential attackers. Or both. It did it over and over before I decided to get my camera and it continued to do it long after I'd taken a few photos and a video clip and then got bored with it ! Very odd.

So there you have it. The highlights of the last 3 days here. Yes there was a big football game during a Madonna concert and a load of people died and even more were born and a bit of snow fell in the UK but come on...surely stories about socks, golf and lizards give the finger to all those events ?

Too soon ?


rhymeswithplague said...

If you had been brought up in this country you would have been taught never to stand under a tree in a rainstorm because trees frequently get hit by lightning.

Congratulations on surviving. Oh, and the par fives.

Silverback said...

Yes lightning hits our trees too, Bob. The rain showers yesterday were just that.....rain showers. No chance of lightning.
Believe me, one flash and I'd have been in that bar long before Jack & Barrie.

Daphne said...

Congratulations! I bet Rory McIlroy's getting ever so slightly worried.

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