Friday, December 16, 2011

A Weighty Post

For the last 11 years, each winter I've swapped snow showers, freezing temps and 7 hours a day of gloom for palm trees, swimming pools and over 10 hours a day of blue skies.

No SAD for this Brit. Oh no, no, no.

After my 2nd heart attack a few years and then being diagnosed (I think incorrectly) with pre diabetes in October, I need these long days of pretty much guaranteed sunshine to encourage me to get out walking, cycling and swimming. I do NOT need diabetes in my life.

Ok before anyone else "outs me" I admit I really do very little of the first two and none at all of the last one but still, I COULD do them if I wanted to and that's the point. I just choose to be as lazy here as I am in Leeds but the views from my chair are much better !

And that alone has to be good for my health.

Actually I must be doing something right as I stepped on the scales this morning and woohooo, I've lost 6 lbs since getting here. Of course it would've been even more if I'd not had the steak and ribs combo at Outback Steakhouse last night. Hey, who are YOU to judge ME ?!

It doesn't seem that long ago that I was a skinny youth, always having sand kicked in my face. Quite bizarre really as Leeds is 70 miles from the nearest beach. I wore pants with a 28in waist well into my 30's and now a few inches have been added to my girth (shaddup), I'm in danger of bypassing L and entering the realms of XL, XXL and even XXXL. I already get my tops handmade by sail makers and not tailors. I last saw my feet in 2007 and I only know how much I weigh as digital scales thankfully retain the display for several seconds after I get off them.

This does have one benefit as I never get to see the first display that states (rather uncharitably I feel) "One Person At A Time."

It's coming up to a New Year when many of us make resolutions to do all sorts of things differently and then by the 2nd week in January we all say sod it and return to the status quo. No doubt I'll be telling myself to buck up my ideas; get fit, lose weight and live longer.

The problem is, that last one isn't entirely guaranteed to result from trying the first two. In my case they HAVE to at least help. I've had two pretty obvious warnings and if getting out into the warm sunshine for daily walks and bike rides and yes, even dipping this pale obese body into a swimming pool helps, then I should heed them.

Lets face it, it could be a case of third strike and I'm out.

And what excuses do I have anyway ? This park is as flat as the rest of Florida which is very flat indeed. If there were no buildings in the way, I could see Georgia. It's THAT flat. So walking and cycling are a dream.

The park has 2 heated, yes HEATED, swimming pools and the larger one is so close I could throw a small child into it from this chair.

So come on, me. Never mind waiting till January 1st and making it a New Year's resolution. Get out walking, cycling and swimming now. There's no time like the present. Strike while the iron's hot. Never put of till tomorrow blah, blah, blah.

I'll just have lunch first. Then a nap. Then it'll be supper time, a bit of telle and bed shortly after.

I'll start tomorrow. Oh wait, I'm golfing. And anyway, who starts things on a weekend ?

So Monday it is then. Oh wait I'm golfing on Monday too. So Tuesday. Yes Tuesday should be fine. Oh wait, I'm going to the Sebring Yacht Club to be fitted for a new t-shirt on Tuesday.

Hmmmmm.......I think January 1st sounds perfect !


Milo said...

I've been trying to lose a stone for over a year but can't seem to get the weight to budge. Copious amounts of alcohol (plus cheese, bread and chocolate - all staples) doesn't help.

I am doing the Edinburgh marathon next year (not the whole thing, an 8-10 mile leg) and will begin training in the new year (am doing it with a load of colleagues). Really want to be slim again.

28" in your 30s!! I was never that slim. Have gone from 32 to 34.

elaine rickett said...

You are not on your own this this one - I made a concerted effort earlier in the year, to get back to my maidenly figure, managed to lose about 20lbs. felt fantastic and had to buy lots of new clothes. Have put a few pounds back on ,naturally, but when the salad season comes round again, fingers crossed!

rhymeswithplague said...

My condolences on the fact that it is your girth that has grown by several inches and not another part of your anatomy.

I had a 28" waist when I married. Two years later, thanks to Mrs. RWP's excellent culinary skills, I had a 38" waist, and it has only grown since then, to 42" and then to 46", but now is back to around 42". I long for the days of yore but apparently they are not coming back.

If I had a lot more money and a little more energy, I would attempt to roll downhill to Buttonwood Bay (Georgia is higher than Florida) and join you -- you make winter there sound absolutely wonderful. But I know you were just bragging about your good fortune and not issuing a subliminal invitation to all of your Blogland buddies.

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