Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Dalai Lama, Disney and Jesus Christ

As I sit here in my reclining swivel armchair, sipping my coffee and gazing out at the clear blue sky, I'm reminded of the famous Dalai Lama quote when he visited Disney World for the first time....."dammmmmmmm but this place is bitchin' ."

Well he COULD have. If he HAD visited. Who's to say ?!

Here in sunny Buttonwood Bay, it IS bitchin'. Glorious weather at least. I spent about 90 mins gently riding around the park yesterday. Or was it riding gently ? Whateva, it wasn't very taxing as I stopped often to take photos, mostly of the wildlife, as we have several resident birds here who will happily pose for me. And I don't just mean the senior citizens ! Hardy har har.

I know I've probably posted too many similar photos over the years so this winter I'll try and limit them to ones where the bird/critter is doing something a little different. Standing on one leg perhaps. Or no legs....although that might be classed as flying. But not when it's a rabbit. Could be a squirrel. They fly. Kinda.

Anywhichway, here are a couple of birds, in the water, on all their legs. Feeding.

I don't often photograph birds with their 'mouths' open. No comment !

And speaking of one leg, here's one.....photo....and one leg.

In other news (always wanted to say that), the work on the house finished last week and we now have a lovely extended roof to provide extra shade at the front and right side. The side shade is for vehicles and the front is for us.....so we can sit out and watch the world go by without the risk of skin cancer !

We can get the car and golf cart parked together under the extended side roof and this is great for keeping the sun off the car (which can damage the paintwork and ruin the tyres) and for keeping the morning dew off the golf cart which saves having to wipe it off the seats. It's the little things in life.....

Here is a panorama of how it looks now, so click and enlarge. DO IT, DAMMIT !

The golf cart is parked where it is in this photo as it was being charged at the time so needed to be close to the outside power point.

Last week 4 new homes were delivered to the park. They arrived on flat bed trucks and were located on sites previously used for short stay RV's. These basically empty park models then get fitted out with every imaginable convenience so they will be ready for rental.

Switching topics again and while I remember.....I went shopping on my own yesterday. Not usually a post topic worth mentioning but I've not driven here in these United States for a few years. In fact I believe it was in December 2006 when I rented a car and went to visit friends in Georgia. I've missed driving here ever since.

But we found out the other day that I was covered (insurance wise) to drive Deb/Den's car and so for the first time in almost 5 years, I was able to go into Sebring all on my ownsome and how liberating THAT was. Woooohoooo. I had brunch at The Diner and then a leisurely shop around Walmart.

Yes, yes I know. Not the stuff of dreams but small steps eh. Sebring Walmart yesterday, Grand Canyon next week ! I may struggle with that in one day but if I stick to the interstates, wear my 'bag' and pack sandwiches, it could just work.

Anyway I was glad it all came back to me, driving over here I mean, and I only fell off twice.

Finally, to end this rambling post, here is a photo I took of a painting in, of all places, a furniture store in Sebring. It's one of those paintings where a face makes up a scene or the other way round, depending on which you 'see' first. I couldn't take the photo straight on due to the store's ceiling lighting but you still get the idea.

Not something I'd ever want on my wall but interesting none the less.

And there you have it. What a post. From the Dalai Lama to Jesus Christ and all for free.

I really need to make this a subscription blog !


Milo said...

Bask in that sun please! Very foggy here.

Jennyta said...

I would so love to be needing to erect a shady area to keep the sun off! ;)

rhymeswithplague said...

That Jesus painting is very weird, but I do love that enlarging the panoramic photo of your home makes it appear that you live on a corner when you very plainly live on a long, straight street. You do live on a long, straight street, don't you?

Did you have to obtain the permission of the Buttonwood Bay Home Owners (or Lot Owners) Association before the home improvements could be made? If not, you were very lucky. Some places would not have allowed such desecration of their pristine paradises.

Did you feel funny (peculiar, not ha-ha) in your tummy whilst driving on the right (as opposed to the wrong) side of the road?

I guess I have asked enough questions for one comment.

Verification word is englyth, which is what you are.

Silverback said...

Milo and Jenny.....yes I am enjoying the sunshine and knowing that I'll have another 23 weeks of it pretty much guaranteed is warming in itself.

Bob, we do indeed live half way along a (not very long) straight street as are all the streets within the park. When taking panorama shots of close subjects, that fisheye effect does come into play.

Yes park and town planning permits were needed and obtained before work was started.

Finally, having driven many thousands of miles on the wrong side of the road in Europe as well as here in the US, no I only felt 'pleasure' as I love driving.

Finally finally, I'm NOT English, or englyth. Close though.

rhymeswithplague said...

I forgot. You're from Ireland! (I momentarily lost my head.) But you LIVE among the englyth now, right?

Daphne said...

Bob - - yes, Silverback resides among we englyth (I rather like this new word) when not in America: and he is from Northern Ireland, not Ireland - - it's different, though joined on - - and as you may remember from the summer, it has scenery which is simply stunning.

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