Sunday, November 28, 2010

Golf Cart Ride

An hour ago, when it hit 83F (28c), Deb and I went out for a golf cart ride around the park.

As well as 'driving' along the many internal streets, we went onto both 'cart paths' which can yield many photographic subjects, human, animal and indeterminate !

First up we came upon some sort of crane (I'm no Attenborough for sure !) that was fishing on the shallow shores of the lake. It would use its wings to stir up the still waters and even the lake bed below to bring food to the surface and then tuck in.

You can almost spot the look of concentration on it face.

Then it on to the canal path which is usually a great location for wildlife. There was a new anhinga in town and he was not pleased by my approach. He'd stretch out his snakelike neck and make as much noise as he could to scare me off.

It didn't work !

Before he flew off, I did manage to get fairly close and you can almost 'see' him giving me a look that clearly more step and I'm off.

I stepped....and he off'd.

Finally just before we got home, I took a photo of one of the many inflatable characters which 'pop up' around the park around at this time every year. Considering I'm reading reports from back home in England about record November lows and heavy snow falling in most places, I think this inflatable is very appropriate.

You certainly see all sorts in this park.


Daphne said...

Lovely bird photos, though I think that anhingas always look as though they were put together from the bits that were left over after making other birds.
I didn't know penguins were native to Florida but perhaps it's just there on holiday - and I don't blame it, I expect Antarctica is nearly as cold as Leeds at the moment.

rhymeswithplague said...

You have captured both the rarely seen, almost extinct, Partially-feathered Pterodactyl Florencia Chadwickia Whitewing) and its equally rare cousin, the Partially-feathered Pterodactyl Red-eyed Estheria Williamsia Blackwing.

The third photo is a common Antarcticus Plasticus.

My thanks to the Roger Tory Peterson Institute.

Silverback said...

I just took photos, Bob ! ;-)

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