Monday, June 04, 2007

A Snail's Pace

This is a first, I think.

The first time I've created a post based on a single photograph.

I was getting ready for bed about 2am this morning and suddenly realised I'd not left my bin out for collection. Now the wagon tends to drive by any time around 10am and I'm never in a fit state for anything at that time so I try to leave it out the night before.

So dressed only in my flapping dressing gown, I wheeled my bin to the end of the driveway and as I stood back, something caused me to look down and I saw a snail moving along the pavement.

Now this probably happens all the time but I've never actually seen it before.......well not one as large as this one anyway. It was huge and the shell looked almost pretty in the moonlight. Ok remember I WAS tired....not drunk.....but tired.

I went inside and got my camera and was faced with a tricky situation; it was too dark for the auto focus to work and when I set the lens to manual, I couldn't see enough to do it myself either.

So I took a series of photos at different settings and hoped for the best. What this must've looked like to anyone glancing out their bedroom windows will thankfully never be known. I was flashing in more ways than I really wanted to but as it was 2am, I felt sure my antics would go unnoticed by any sleepless neighbours.

Here is the result.............................

Not the most exciting post ever........but then it's been a bit of a slow day ! Sorry.


Marty said...

Read this the other day and found it quite interesting and as always all the wonderful pictures

Chris James said...

I'm not sure how or why, but that snail somehow looks British.

On a semi-unrelated note, there was a stray cat that frequented my back garden (yard) in Cambridge that, somehow, managed to "meow" with a distinct East Anglian accent.

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